is a stable good mood

Boosts are modern medicines that improve inner
harmony and balance. They function for two major
elements Mood & Focus

Brain & Cognitive Efficacy
What's It Like Feeling Cognitively Efficient?

Greater processing
speed of information.
Excellent concentration

Heightened resistance
to stress

Superb memory-storing

Continued emotional

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Melissa Gallagher
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Let's get Normotim items to make an investment in your happiness

Let's get Normotim items to make an investment in your happiness

What prevents us from being cognitively efficient?

Constant stress

Emotional imbalance



What happens?

Attention span is worsened

Efficiency of logical thinking is decreased

Memory is

What increases cognitive efficiency?

Excellent concentration

Superb memory-storing power

Great processing speed of information

Optimizes cognitive activity

Increases learning capacity


Increases serotonin level (good mood hormone)

Stabilizes mood

Continues emotional balance


Heightened resistance to stress

Blocks release of stress hormones in acute or chronic stress

Protects brain neuro

Mental tension

Decreases anxiety

Supports antidepressant activity

  • the main provider to a healthy central nervous system

  • helps to the body's generation of happiness

  • the foundation of neurons' protective layer

  • responsible for complete mental calm

  • fights against the harmful effects of stress on the body

  • opens up fresh learning chances for the brain

  • activates memory receptors

  • helps you to focus on tasks



I am pretty familiar with various kinds of supplements to reduce stress levels and increase brain activity. As a business owner, I run into these issues/challenges regularly. I have been taking Lithium Orotate supplements for a long time. This substance really works great for me as a brain supplement. When I was about to order another pack on Amazon (from a different manufacturer), I saw Normotim – a Lithium Ascorbate supplement. That was something new. After reading the studies, I understood that this is the same Lithium but mixed with vitamin C and other vitamins. This combination makes it a potent brain booster that directly affects anxiety and stress reduction. I was interested in the fact that this is not a copycat of well-known products but something new on the market (the company has two patents in the USA). So I decided to give it a chance.


The perfect solution for a stressful situation

The second week I take Normotim and did not seem to feel anything special. Yesterday I again found myself in a situation that had always made me angry, but this time I was calm and confident. It felt like a miracle.

Highly recommend to anyone who is stressed to try it.


Helps with anxiety and to keep up with pressure

Recently, I attended some courses. There was a lot of new information for me to memorize, and also some tests. I hate tests, they are my personal nightmare, and I usually am very nervous. I bought Normotim a couple of weeks ago, and this time was completely different. I was so unbelievably calm and focused and could do the tests without any problems. To me, it was as close to a miracle as it gets. I think it is all Normotim. I would recommend Normotim to anyone who wants to improve their memory or feel better overall.

Ben Rozenshteyn

Normotim has definitely worked well in curbing my anxiety and stress.

I've been using Normotim for a few weeks now and I can definitely tell the difference. The outside stressors I'm experiencing have definitely not subsided, if anything they've increased. At the same time, my resilience, aided by Normotim has seen a definite strengthening. Just weeks in, I'm more tranquil, less anxious, less stressed, and performing better as a result. Give it a go.

Jay S.

Helps with focus and keeps me calm

I like how the supplement is packaged, it comes in an outer cardboard cylinder like box and the plastic bottle is inside. This supplement does help keep me focused and calm, I like it.

I also like that it has vitamins, C, B6 and B1. Overall, very good supplement